A Step Into The Past: A Short Introduction To My Story

A Step Into The Past – A Short Introduction To My Story

As a matter of fact, it’s impossible to be where we want to be in life without hard work.  And on top of the hard work we need to seek out and utilize the various resources and support systems that are around us to help us be where we want to be.  This is how one of my journeys in life began.

When my high school counselor informed me about a part-time opportunity with the Denver Public Schools AmeriCorps program, I was eager to apply for it.  However, it was impossible to manage my other part time job at the Denver International Airport on top of me finishing High School with the required hours per week for the part-time AmeriCorps position. After a lot of thinking, I decided to apply for the full-time commitment to AmeriCorps and depart from my other job at the airport.

I came to this decision because I strongly believe in giving service to those in need, to try and impact their life, as well as to take part in the enormous life experience this opportunity would give me. In short, with the unlimited help from DPS Resource Advocates like Emily and Erin (site managers for the program) and the program managers Roxanne and Ramona, I put on my gray t-shirt with the AmeriCorps logo on it and got to work.

Being the only high school student in the group plus getting together with new people made me anxious the first time the 17 other AmeriCorps members and I came together. But the open arms coming from the other ‘AmeriStars’ made it easy to get along and adapt. Furthermore, I became close friends with some of them.

During my service year I was able to become a role model for refuge students in Place Bridge Academy (a Denver Public Schools magnet school for Refuge students) which I was based out of, as well as to my friends as a result of showing my commitment and leadership to provide service and education to those in need. But more importantly with all of that came the realization that sometimes, I have to take the time to put the oxygen mask on myself first, so that I can assist those around me that may need it too.  This is what keeps me going every day.

                     – Yohanes Temteme – ’09 to ’10 Service Year with DPS AmeriCorps


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