Wrapping Up The School Year, Beginning The Summer!

The last few days of school are ticking away and that means our AmeriCorps members are getting ready to gear up for another summer!  This year we have partnered with Summer Scholars (http://www.summerscholars.org/) to have our members assist at their Academic Camps.  Members will be spending part of the day assisting in classrooms to help kids keep up with and improve their reading and the second half of their day will include fun activities that some members will develop and lead.  Some of the sites we will be at include: Ashley, Amesse, Whittier & Swansea Elementary with a few other schools in the works.

Our members did a lot of amazing projects this year on top of working towards our program goals.  To give an idea of what some projects were, they include (but are certainly not limited to) taking students snowboarding, putting on a bike rodeo and providing 50 free bikes to students, throwing a Cinco de Mayo party for students, creating a student council & cheer team, putting on a talent show, creating reading clubs, painting sets for school plays and many, many more.

Big thanks to our AmeriCorps members for all of their hard work and efforts!!


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