Team Southeast are Change Makers

Change Makers…Making change and changing make.

At Grant Beacon Middle School we have a terrific after school club! “The Change Makers” are a group of middle schoolers who are dedicated to learning about change and how they can make an impact in their community.

Using the PeaceJam curriculum, we teach the kids about Nobel Laureates, what their life was like around a middle school age, and what change they made in their community and the world.  These lessons lead to wonderful conversations about social injustices and how to deal with the problems. These conversations then lead to discussions about issues in our own community! The kids chose to address bullying in their school. They are concerned about the prevalence of race based bullying at Grant and want to make a change.

After long discussions on how to address and bring awareness to the issue, the students have decided to make a documentary on bullying. Since then the Change Makers have been conducting interviews with students, teachers, and community members on the issue.  We have also taken to watching documentaries on social issues and have discussed what makes the documentary good, bad, and how we can use elements of these videos to make a change.

We even watched the “Kony 2012” film and had a great discussion about it.  The kids were initially impressed and wanted to order the action kits, but then they started to wonder whether if so much funding should go to making a video rather than supporting local programs.

Anyway, The Change Makers are currently working on their documentary and we can’t wait to show it to you guys in the spring!

Love from the SouthEast,

Shelley, David and Sadie


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