What Serving With DPS AmeriCorps Meant To Me

During my year of service with Denver Public Schools AmeriCorps I’ve learned that patience and consistency is not only important skills for me to have, but are also important skills for the parents that I interact with to have as well. I’ve learned that there are so many kids in need and that having someone who cares for them is a big part in helping them become successful.
When I came in to the program I wasn’t quite sure what to expect, but as the year went on I realized how appreciative I was for those who were there for me during my education. I believe I made a difference by calling and talking to parents, providing them information about their child’s attendance and concerns from the school, and letting them know that they weren’t alone in supporting their kids and helping them take advantage of the education offered to them.
I firmly believe that this program is a great asset to schools with attendance issues because if a child has problems at home and isn’t thrilled about school then they are most likely not going to attend. This program definitely helps students improve their attendance because I know, from my personal experience, that someone who is there for you and cares about what you are up to makes you want to push harder and make those who care proud.
I am glad I spent the last year doing attendance work because it gave me the opportunity to be there for parents who needed someone to talk to about concerns they may have had and to be able to listen to them. One of my favorite memories of the DPS AmeriCorps program was the time spent at the AmeriCorps 2011 – 2012 State Service Conference in Buena Vista, CO. I was able to meet a lot of people and learn about the other AmeriCorps programs in Colorado and what their goals are.

Jessica Saldivar


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