Even though the Denver Public Schools AmeriCorps have completed their term of service, their site supervisors, the Parent &  Community Engagement Specialist (PCES) that operate out of the Office of Community Engagement within Denver Public Schools, have  been presenting “Certificates of Appreciation” to school partners,  businesses, parents, and other individuals who have contributed to the success of the schools, families, and communities that the AmeriCorps program operates in.

Itef Vita proudly shows off his certificate, given to him from Contemporary Learning Academy PCES Shaunay Vafeades.  His organization, Going Green, Living Fling, were thanked for educating students in the Near Northeast community on healthy eating and living a more environmentally responsible lifestyle.  Between June and July, Going Green Living Bling engaged campers from the Youth Engagement Zone summer camp in curriculum and hands-on activities that focused on food access and justice in their community.  Itef and the students were also able to play a part in the creation of a new community garden on 33rd & Downing.  The Denver Public Schools AmeriCorps program, along with all of our Parent and Community Engagement Specialists, want to thank Itef for all of his dedication to the communities.

Additionally, Parent and Community Engagement Specialists have delivered over 200 Certificates of Appreciation throughout the regions of Denver, showing our appreciation for their support and dedication to the schools and communities that we work in and serve.  Without their partnership, the schools would not be as successful as they have been!


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