Power Lunch-Mile High United Way at College View


College View is one of five pilot school sites for the Power Lunch Reading Program, a collaboration between the Office of Community Engagement, Mile High United Way, and the Denver Public Schools Foundation. The program partners students from a 3rd grade class with a volunteer from a non-profit or corporation  At College View, Mile High United Way has partnered with Alex Fenn’s 3rd grade class and each week, volunteers spend 45 minutes reading with their 3rd grade buddies.

On the first day, the Mile High United Way volunteers arrived in their “Live United” t-shirts, waiting to be paired off and get to know a student. There was no keeping down the giggles and happy whispers of students as they hurried over with backpacks full of books to show their tall new friends.

Throughout the 45 minutes each week, the mentors got to know their reading buddies and stayed in contact with each other by writing and receiving letters. As a group, they also chose to buy a book for each student in the school as a show of how much the program has recharged and inspired Mile High United Way. Two months into the program, it’s still just like the first day — filled with excitement and students eager  to find their reading buddy. To go along with their “Live United” t-shirts, mentors from Mile High United Way  are now asking for College View t-shirts as they continue to develop a strong relationship with the students and the school as a whole.

-Jessica Beegle


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