North High Computer Workshop Series


During registration at the beginning of the year, North High parents were asked to identify a need that the school could meet for them. Many of our parents identified basic computer knowledge as one of their top needs. In an effort to engage these parents, Denver Public Schools combined forces with Mi Casa, Comcast and AmeriCorps to organize two computer workshops for parents.

The first class taught parents basic computer skills, such as creating an email account and subsequently navigating parent portal. The second class covered basic internet safety. Students involved in the Digital Connectors program as well as several AmeriCorps members provided one-on-one help to parents during the workshops.

A total of thirty parents attended the workshops. Parents were encouraged to attend both classes if they wanted to enter a raffle to win a new laptop. In the end, a total of four lucky parents walked away with new laptops! Both the laptops and class meals were donated by Comcast.

Overall, the workshops were successful, and many of the parents signed up for an additional six-week computer literacy class offered by Mi Casa.
-Joel and Karla


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