Race for Attendance Success at Place Bridge Academy

attendance board photoI’m proud to be a part of Place Bridge Academy’s (PBA) new attendance races. This February, PBA launched a school-wide program with the objective of fostering a positive school culture around the issue of attendance.  Formerly, attendance had been addressed primarily on a case-by-case level. With the new program, we are hoping to preempt those individual absences while getting students excited about arriving to school every day on time.  Our approach is multi-pronged:

Teams of grade levels are creating visual displays to track the attendance of classrooms, with themes such as ‘Bee Here Everyday’ and ‘Blast Off to Perfect Attendance.’ Additionally, grade levels will earn a letter-toward spelling Place Bridge-every day that the entire grade has perfect attendance (with exceptions made for excused absences). The progress is tracked through morning announcements and a display in the attendance office window.  When they reach 11 days of perfect attendance, the grade will earn a prize-filled party.  I have witnessed a sizeable ramp up in students’ enthusiasm for their attendance progress and am excited to how our friendly competition will continue to manifest.

-Siena Easley


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