Peer Mentoring at Grant Beacon Middle School


The Peer Mentoring enrichment program at Grant Beacon Middle school is helping students develop the unique leadership skills they need to act as mentors to their differently abled peers. It is exciting to see a change in our school culture, as students are learning to take on a leadership role in the school by incorporating their peers in social and academic situations such as electives, enrichments, lunch, recess, assemblies, and socials. The goal of this class is to create a more inclusive environment at our school and in the community.

The center piece of the Peer Mentoring enrichment this quarter was attending a Special Olympics Basketball event. On March 6th, Grant Beacon Middle School brought a unified team to East High school to participate in the Elementary/Middle School basketball tournament hosted by Special Olympics. To prepare for this event we spent time practicing our basketball skills, working with each other as a team, and even got to attend a school basketball game to cheer on our Grant Griffins! Our unified team did an outstanding job, ending the day with a first place blue ribbon to bring back to Grant Beacon Middle School. Most importantly our team showed the value of teamwork. Everyone on the unified team played a part in the win, and we all had a great time.

Kelly Scenna 


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