The Department of Parent and Community Outreach, through the Office of Community Engagement, collaborates within school communities to bring in outside organizations that provide unique opportunities and services to students and families in different school sites throughout Denver. Community Engagement Specialists, who work within the department, support schools to identify the needs of students and families and collaborate with organizations that can help meet those needs and provide services.

An example of one of the relationships that is established through the Community Engagement Specialists is the Play-Well TEKnologies program, recently brought to College View, John Amesse, and Smith Elementary. Play-Well focuses on helping students build problem solving, self-confidence, and self-reliance skills through the use of LEGOS®. Play-Well recognizes the popular toy as a tremendous learning medium that teaches basic engineering and is something that students can easily relate to and have readily available.

Watch the video here

To learn more about Play-Well, visit their website at

Visit to learn more about the Office of Community Engagement and the Community Engagement Specialists.


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