Springing into Gear at CLA

With the end of the year in sight, the month of April has become crunch time for Tasia and Brittnee.  Tasia initiated a Yearbook Club in the fall and has been working tirelessly with the students to have it completed and printed before summer break.  The senior section would not have been possible without Jerry Morgan, an AmeriCorps member of Vista Academy, who took time out of his busy schedule to take photos and edit pictures for over 30 graduates.  Thank you Jerry.  CLA will proudly publish their first yearbook since 2005 on April 30, 2013


Scheduled for April 27th was CLA’s second ever prom. In preparation, Tasia spent many hours creating a cityscape that was used as a backdrop for pictures and decoration. The end result portrayed the Denver skyline standing roughly eight feet tall.  Aside from decorations, Tasia and Brittnee hosted a prom dress drive to collect attire for students to wear for the big night. The dress drive was a huge success, collecting over 60 dresses and a stack of men’s dress clothes! The night was a success thanks to our many volunteers and the enthusiasm of our staff and students!



Students wearing dress donations.

Of course Brittnee has been working on a few projects of her own.  “So You Think You Can Slam” is an open mic event, which was held at the Denver Art Society on April 24, 2013.  With the help of the community and many volunteers who workshoped with students, the event turned out to be a great success! Of the participants, David Star ended up in 1st place, LaTondra White 2nd, and Destiny Williams took 3rd.  In May, the participants of the open mic will travel to Amesse Elementary to help with Iris’s poetry group and encourage them to continue to do well in school. ** The video clip featured in this blog features LaTondra White, reading her original piece

“Looking at Herself”.


David Star


“So You Think You Can Slam”


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