College View Elementary holds Fall Festival

At College View Elementary, AmeriCorps member Vicki and her Community Engagement Specialist Jessica organized a Fall Festival event open to all community members in the area.  The event brought over 400 people to the Fall Festival on Oct 30th.  Vicki was able to leverage her attendance caseload students to assist in with making posters for the event, leading games for younger students, taking pictures of the festivities. Students were encouraged to dress up in their costumes based on characters from a book and participate in the fun!

Vicki was especially impressed with the school’s student council president, Victor. He stood up in front of all of the students and their families that evening and announced an upcoming fundraiser that the student council was putting on. He did a wonderful job of explaining the event and promoting it to the students and parents.

Vicki believes that having her attendance caseload students involved in the processes leading up to the event and having them show off their talents to get things done is partly what helped their increase in school attendance that week.  She is looking forward to creating more service projects that incorporate the school’s students to show them how much potential they really have.


AmeriCorps member Chad leads an activity with students who participated in College View’s Fall Festival, organized by AmeriCorps member Vicki and Community Engagement Specialist Jessica.


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