Yearbook Club at Contemporary Learning Academy

Greetings AmeriCorps Blog Readers!

At Contemporary Learning Academy (CLA), we are excited to have started another year at Contemporary Learning Academy (CLA)!  With  a returning member at the school site, we were really able to hit the ground running.  Yearbook Club is off to a great start, and this year will be supported with funding!  CLA was fortunate to receive the Westerra Grant which has enabled us to purchase five digital cameras, memory cards, and cases for Yearbook Club.  So far the club has had two successful meetings and is currently in the beginning stages of creating general page templates to input photos.

This school year CLA has identified six students to serve as part-time AmeriCorps members.  Upon the completion of 450 service hours, these students will receive and education award which can be applied towards post-secondary education.  Students selected have demonstrated strong leadership skills, determination and self-motivation.

Aside from being excited to work with our new cohorts, we are also looking forward to October 31st, which will mark our second annual Pumpkin Carving Extravaganza at CLA.



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