Enrichment Classes at Merrill Middle School

This week, students at Merrill Middle School entered a new term and kicked off two brand new enrichment classes, Dance and Global Citizens, both were launched by AmeriCorps members Alvaro (Alvie) and Kalista.

On the third day of the new Dance enrichment, Alvie introduced the class to b-boy (break dancer) Kid David. They watched a video of him break dancing and an interview about what inspired him to keep, after which he taught the students some new dance moves.

“Even though Kid David was hurt and couldn’t break [dance] for a whole year, he didn’t give up. When you find something you love to do, you have fight for it and you can’t give up.” – Alvie

Students in the other enrichment class, Global Citizens, had the opportunity to learn about Ecuador first-hand from AmeriCorps member Kalista and her guest, Katie, who studied abroad there last year. The students saw lots of pictures from the country, listened to traditional music, learned about the indigenous Quechua culture as well as the environmental diversity that makes up Ecuador.  The students are excited to learn about other countries as the Global Citizens enrichment class continues to progress throughout the year.

Stay tuned to learn more about how the enrichment classes Kalista and Alvaro have impacted their students.


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