Students From Bruce Randolph School Create New Art


AmeriCorps members María (far left) and Cynthia (far right) pose with students from Bruce Randolph School after completing their mural.

Denver Public Schools AmeriCorps members Cynthia and María, who both serve at Bruce Randolph School, put together an event for students from Bruce Randolph School to express their talents through a community mural. The goal of the mural was to show the students that they can have fun with street-art, legally, and that they can use it as a form of expression. On Wednesday, Dec. 18, 2013 Bruce students got the opportunity to show off their talents on a free wall, meaning it is dedicated for graffiti and art, off 42nd street near Bruce Randolph.

Students who participated had to show a 2% increase in attendance since the beginning of the year in order to participate. The group of students who participated not only increased their attendance, but also took on a leadership role and helping fundraise for the event.

María and Cynthia, along with the Bruce Randolph students, would like to thank Mira, a local street-artist who generously volunteered his time and donated supplies to help these boys with their vision.  They would also like to thank Community Service (a local graffiti store) for donating spray paint, which made this event possible.

Click on the link to see pictures of the mural as it unfolds


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