Fairview Elementary: Connecting Students to Students Through a Pen Pal Literacy Enrichment Program


At Fairview Elementary, AmeriCorps Member April Hickman has launched her 2014 Pen Pals Program. Students from 1st grade through 5th are being partnered with students of all grades from five different DPS school sites.

The schools included in the program are Grant Beacon Middle School, Merrill Middle school, College View Elementary School, Smith Elementary School, and Charles M. Schenck (CMS) Community  School. Every two weeks, students meet with April for 30 minutes to write to their pen pal and read the letters they’ve received back. The goal of this program is to get students to not only make new friends, but also spend extra time developing their reading and writing skills through the letters they create.

The Fairview team is very excited to finally see this enrichment up and running after many weeks of planning and preparation. It is April’s hope that students will develop great friendships from the Pen Pals Program. At the end of the program, they are working on planning a party where all students will meet their pen pal buddies and enjoy food, games, fun, and new friends!



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