Charles M. Schneck Students Get a Taste for the Outdoors!

Ever since I could remember, I was actively participating in the outdoors.  Whether it be hiking, camping, fishing or just hanging out, I was outside.  My parents always made a point to take my brother and me up to the mountains as often as they could.  Luckily, both my brother and I enjoyed it; we are both fortunate enough to have these fond memories.  We have done it all here in Colorado, from backpacking and ice-fishing to hunting and just sitting around a camp fire.   These memories are not something that every child experiences.  As a result of my personal experiences I decided to focus on the topic of nature at CMS Community School by introducing new and exciting outdoor opportunities for my students.   – Amanda McGuigan, AmeriCorps member at Charles M. Schneck Elementary School


5th Grade Snowboarding Excursion

March 23, 2014


On March 23rd, ten 5th grade students from CMS Community School participated in a snowboarding trip to Loveland Ski Resorts.  For each of these students, this was their first time snowboarding!  This trip was a fun incentive for students who met CMS’ attendance requirements and maintained it throughout the year. Accompanying the students were the following: AmeriCorps member Amanda McGuigan, Community Engagement Specialist Yvonne Miranda, Assistant Principal Jeremy Rucker, City Year member Alison Bell, CMS volunteer Raul Arzola, parents: Erendida Marquez, Alfonso Jimenez, and one sibling Daniel Rivera. 


Students featured: Victoria DeLaRosa, Bryan Rivera-Ibarra, Ana Jimenez, Dayana Melendez, Jason Nguyen, Adrian Jimenez, Josesaul Olivas-Marquez, Leilannie Ortega, Cynthia Martin and Miranda Miranda.


Watch this awesome video, compiled by CMS volunteer, Raul Arzola, to see the students in action.



The Mountaineer Club at Flagstaff Mountain

April 11, 2014


Pictured below are the student members of The Mountaineer Club, an afterschool program at CMS coordinated by AmeriCorps member Amanda McGuigan.  From left to right: Amanda McGuigan, Cynthia Martin, Mariana Lopez, Luis Mercado, Jose Perea and CMS volunteer and chaperone Evangelina Acosta.  This picture was taken at Flagstaff Mountain, just outside of Boulder.  On this experiential learning field trip the students discovered many new things.  They learned what a Juniper tree smells like, the difference between granite and sandstone, and even saw a couple of deer.  Students were fascinated by everything along the trail, ranging from moss and sap to seeing the continental divide for the first time. Image


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