Bruce Randolph Study Hall

Towards the end of the 1st semester AmeriCorps members Cynthia and Maria at Bruce Randolph School realized more and more students were coming to their office for homework help; the members recognized a need for their own study hall space. Image

Bruce Randolph students have a 25 minute class period every day except on Wednesdays where they have something called Bonus Block. The members decided that this would be a perfect time to host their own study hall bonus block. The purpose of this class is to provide a more conducive environment for students to work and receive one-on-one homework help since the class only has 10 students as opposed to 35 students in a normal class. This bonus block has demonstrated remarkable success as students have been able to raise their grades from failing to passing!

ImageRecently, two students who have been struggling this semester decided to stay after bonus block  to make up schoolwork before grades were turned in.  Typically, these are students who would not go the extra mile to make sure that they handle their academic responsibilities.  But, the students’ hard work did pay off and they were able to raise their grades.  Without Cynthia and Maria’s dedication, however, the students would not have been able to increase their attendance, improve their grades, and practice better study habits.

Maria and Cynthia are very proud of their bonus block students that continue to put in the hard work necessary to pass their classes.  The members’ commitment to the bonus block students upholds the expectation that Bruce Randolph graduates every student and equips them with the necessary tools to be successful in life!


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