Mad Scientist!

As the school year comes to a swift end, it is important that we try to keep students engaged in learning.  Here at Fairview we have found a super fun and interactive way for students to continue to do just that!  I suspect that they haven’t even noticed they’re learning with all the fun they’re having in Mad Science!

Mad Science, which takes place every Wednesday morning, allows for a select group of students from first through fifth grade to meet with a Mad Scientist who teaches them about the science all around us. This can range from the nature right outside their front door to the farthest reaches of outer space!  Every week, the students participate in science related conversations, explore the topic, and do science experiments.  Each class wraps up with a breakdown of what they have learned that day and a really fun project related to the science topic. They are also able to take home the project they worked on that day to share with their friends and family. 

What we’ve learned in Mad Science (so far):

  • Physics
  • Meteorology
  • Zoology
  • Chemistry 

Are we creating a lab of science geniuses here at Fairview Elementary?  You decide. 

If you ask any of the students, I’m sure they could tell you themselves just how much fun Mad Science has been, but I guess you’ll just have to take my word for it!  Until next time, Fairview out.Image


 – April Hickman, AmeriCorps member at Fairview Elementary School


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