Why Service?

Suli2I believe service is valuable, it helps me learn more about myself while helping and supporting others. I believe service with AmeriCorps will open a world of opportunities to me, a world where I can do a lot of hands-on work to have a positive impact on my community. I am always eager to learn and, as a service member, I have the opportunity to discover hidden talents and use them to positively affect my workday and outside life too


Through my term of service with AmeriCorps, I primarily work with Denver Public Schools (DPS) students’ parents. So far I have supported and attended 2 Superintendent Parent Forums, participated in workshops, trainings, discussions etc. The focus this year is on implementing the new academic standards in order to achieve the Denver Public Schools goal which is to have even better schools in every neighborhood by the year 2020. I believe that by serving in the Office of Family and Community Engagement (FACE) I will gain a better understanding of what tools my community needs and how to get the word out to parents that kids come first and that their futures are important. Furthermore, the service position I hold is a great role where I can explore future career interests that feed my passion for learning and helping my community. I feel privileged to be a part of something huge. Supporting parents and the FACE team will be very rewarding. I’m ready to rock this school year!Volunteer Background Check Process.Revised w fingerprinting category.may 2013

-Suleyka Bolaños, AmeriCorps member


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