Change is Good


I am serving my second term with AmeriCorps this year and it has been great. Last year, I served at College View Elementary, and this year I am serving at CEC Middle College of Denver. CEC is such a unique school. The name is a bit deceiving because it is a high school, not a college, but students are able to earn college credits while attending. The school’s main focus is career readiness. Each student has a four hour career block built into their schedules. Some of the career classes include Culinary Arts,Athletic Training/Sports Medicine, Digital Film Production, Construction Technology, Medical Careers, and much more. There are a lot of students that are part-time students, meaning they attend their home high school for their core classes and then come to CEC for their career block. We have such a wide variety of students from all areas of Denver. I believe this is a huge part of what makes CEC such a great place to be.


It was quite a change going from an elementary to a high school, but it was a good one. At College View, I was able to check in with all of my students during recess and it took no time at all. It was a lot of fun because I got to play with the kids. Doing check-ins with my high school students was more challenging at first. Most of my students just acted like I was bothering them. They did not want to talk to me and did not like it when I approached them, however this changed rather quickly. Within a week they started to realize I was here to support them and praise them for improving their attendance. It has only been a month and I have already built some really great relationships with my students. They are each unique and have so much potential. I am excited to see their attendance and engagement in school improve throughout the year.

-Vicky Moran, AmeriCorps member



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