College View Elementary Visits Dish Network

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Kids are curious about everything! Unfortunately, they also lose interest quickly. Job shadows allow them to connect what they learn in school with the “big kid” world. Because Dish Network is one of Colorado’s largest sources of employment, it was a wonderful opportunity to see a wide range of positions that a local employer had to offer.  They generously took it upon themselves to make sure that kids not only learned why they were working so hard in school, but also to develop their curiosity. Dish Network invited students and families from College View Elementary to attend a field trip in late October to their campus in Englewood to interview and shadow employees and to attend a free Halloween carnival.

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College View Elementary students who went on the field trip were able to connect what they do in school every day to something they can aspire to be. At Dish Network, we had the chance to ask employees about their jobs, ambitions, and dreams. We gave students the rare power to direct and steer discussions. I really loved watching the interaction between the children and the workers at Dish Network because there was no fear, hesitation, or awkwardness. Topics ranged from what they liked about their job to what subjects in school were most important for their current job. We had the children prepare at least three questions beforehand, but the conversations grew past those initial questions and became an experience that made many kids say, “I want to work here when I grow up!”

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Because it was the day before Halloween, many of the employees were dressed up and passing out candy. There were also games and a huge bouncy slide for the kids to play with. It was a great way to show students that even after you grow up and have a full-time job, the fun doesn’t have to stop. Students learned that as long as they kept up their attendance and did well in school, the possibilities are endless!

Work hard, play hard!

-Lynne Cheng, AmeriCorps member