Summit Academy in the House!

I can’t believe a new year with Denver Public Schools AmeriCorps has begun! We are 6 weeks into the new school year and it has been exciting thus far. Summit is filled with tons of new faces, afterschool activities, and community events. I have been able to meet with new and old attendance caseload students, as well as continue some of my service projects from last year with the help of our new Summit AmeriCorps member Shams. Diving head first into these activities has been great, but there is one thing that has been even more exciting.


Last year, a student on my attendance caseload named Paulina exceled in the program by checking in every day and maintaining high attendance. She always worked hard, had a good attitude, and had a smile on her face. As the school year progressed and she continued to show growth in her attendance, Paulina approached me asking for more information on AmeriCorps to see if it would be something she was interested in after graduation. She started spending lunch in my office to research different AmeriCorps programs and begin the application process.


At the beginning of this school year, Paulina finished her application and applied to the Denver Public Schools AmeriCorps program! I am excited and proud to announce that she is graduating and will be joining our team as the new AmeriCorps member at Charles M. Schenck Community School. All of her hard work and efforts have paid off. After earning a position in AmeriCorps, Pauline stated that she loved how I took the time to get to know her and the other students, how she could open up and be herself around me. Those comments prove that the service we are doing with the students is making a difference. Cheers to Paulina!

-Karleigh King, AmeriCorps member at Summit Academy



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