Veterans Day: Engaging Students to Thank Veterans


Veterans deserve our respect and love and writing cards is a meaningful and personal way to honor them. Teaching young students about Veteran’s Day is one great way to support the troops. There are nearly 20 million Veterans living among us, in every state and territory, and we owe it to them to educate the importance of this day. For Veteran’s Day, Ellis Elementary students wrote letters to the Veterans of St. Joseph Veterans Home.

Many of the students at Ellis Elementary are sons, daughters, cousins or relatives, of a Veteran or current service member. This means that all of the letters were created with a lot of love and emotions. In their designs, students included symbols which represent how they feel about the sacrifices that Veteran’s have made for us. They drew flags to signify how they have helped shape our American history. They designed stars that symbolize their bravery. There were also eagles, to exemplify the time and energy that these men and women has given. Most importantly there were a lot of thank you messages written all over the cards to acknowledge their appreciation for their service.


Having the students involved on this special day means that no matter the age we can, thank and honor Veterans through small gestures like writing personalized thank you cards.

-Jennifer Sosa and Debbie Field, AmeriCorps members at Abraham Lincoln High School



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