The Young Philanthropist Foundation Penny Harvest


As an AmeriCorps member serving at Charles M. Schenck Community School (CMS), I recently had a great experience with organizing the Penny Harvest at the school. The Penny Harvest is an organization that started in 1991 and it first began with children from the age four to fourteen who were passionate about volunteering to feed the homeless, give back to the community, donate to the animal shelters, etc. This was a great way for children to be a part of something and allowed them to begin identifying their own passions. It gives children the opportunity to raise money and show them the impact they can have on their community.


The students at CMS Community School are excited to help raise money and be a part of this program. I am happy to have led this service project and am thankful to have the opportunity to serve alongside the children and to be a part of the Young Philanthropists Foundation organization. I feel that this is a great way for students to get involved and help other people out, in addition to having a lot of fun. The Penny Harvest was a success, even though the students started collecting the pennies late, they were able to rally together for the cause.


– Pauline Lujan, AmeriCorps member