Our mission is simple. We strive to engage Denver families in local schools in order to increase attendance and retention with the student population. We are here to provide community resource information, raise family awareness about individual student progress, and encourage positive communication between Denver Public Schools families and their students’ schools.


The 3 main goals the program focuses on are:

  1. Attendance Retention and College and Career Readiness

Members make phone calls and conduct home visits on behalf of 13 Title I schools that the program serves directly.  Members have a caseload of 20 – 30 students that they check in with daily to foster relationships and provide attendance support. Members ensure students are supported and diligently inform students’ guardians about any attendance concerns.  Members also provide guardians with information about local resources that can help get their children to school and stay focused on graduating. In addition, members will serve collaboratively with school staff and Regional Coordinators to ensure students are college and career ready.

  1. Increasing Student and Parent Engagement within School Communities

Members serve in school communities and strive to increase the number of parents who volunteer in classrooms and participate in school activities, helping them understand the importance of parent engagement with their child’s education.  Members also inform parents of their student’s attendance, school performance, and other information.

  1. Designing and Implementing School Community Service Projects

Members serve in collaboration with Regional Coordinators, site supervisors at the schools, to design and implement service projects that benefit students, families, schools, communities, and businesses.  These projects are creatively designed by members to meet the needs of schools and the larger community with a focus on increasing and maintaining student, parent, and community engagement within schools.  Service projects at each school site vary from one-time events to ongoing support for the school and community.  Members are encouraged to bring their own creativity and skill sets to help accomplish this goal, they are also encouraged to reach out to local businesses, non-profit agencies, community members, and faith-based organizations to ensure successful service projects.


The City of Denver / Denver Public Schools Collaborative was established in December 2007 as a result of a joint initiative between Denver’s former Mayor and current Governor John Hickenlooper, Denver Public schools former Superintendent and current U.S. Senator Michael Bennett, the Denver City Council and the DPS Board of Education.  This unique partnership has enabled the Family and Community Education Service Corps to serve high-need communities with the support of various integral stakeholders.  The collaborative structure enables students to experience a fresh infusion of resources, improve their academic performance and receive support for all aspects of their personal development. Moreover, it is increasing the engagement of their parents/guardians in the school and community.

Success Stories

The City of Denver/DPS Collaborative –Family and Community Engagement Education Service Corps has successfully organized parents, students and volunteers to implement outreach and enrollment and school attendance campaigns; promote the use and availability of city programs and services in school communities; assist students and encourage enrollment; organize mobile school registration directly in communities; and engage families and communities in school environments. All of these efforts serve to increase student enrollment, attendance and achievement in Denver Public Schools.  The success of this program is due, in part, to exceptional partnerships and the collaborative nature of the program engaging various government agencies, families and communities in the success of students.